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Functional Training - Myofascial Release Massage Therapy - Budo - Personal Coaching


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self described as:

"I'm Just a trainer with a passion"


Good To Go is the brain child of Jo Hall and the result of many years of hard work and training.


Our 4 lines of business

  • Functional Training
  • Body work & healing
  • Budo
  • Personal Coaching

are a conglomeration of the things that Jo is most passionate about.

Each of these dicplines blend into one larger view of helping people piece together their bodies and minds so that they can function better in their lives.




Good To Go Jo



Bergsgatan 30-32


group sessions:

all our sesions are for every-body. no experience needed just a williness to learn how to train effectively and functionally.

Our instructors will taylor exercises to suit your current level.


  • fighting fit - 3 sessions per week
    • 90 mins of hard hitting functional fun
  • 45 mins stand up fighting pad work
  • 45 mins functional workout
  • maximum 10 people per session
    • mums n bubs - 3 sessions per week
      • 60 min functional circuit for you and your bub
  • maximum 8 mums per session
  • tailored exercises specifically designed to help you have a more functional and active body
    • funkt fit - 8 sessions per week
      • 60 min
  • functional training workout designed to challenge your body
  • max 10 people per session
    • lunch fit - 2 sessions per week
      • 55 min lunch time work out
  • functional training circuit with an emphasis on core strength
  • max 10 people per session
    • Budo - 2 sessions per week
      • Mamori budo
  • Self defence based
  • A combination of traditional and modern hand to hand combat techniques
  • Weapons training